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CHIME is a project management and design business that develops deliverable creative, innovative strategic plans, future plans and masterplans for place making and community and cultural building.

CHIME is an acronym made up of Culture, Heritage, Innovation, Memory and Environment.

The purpose of CHIME is to embed these essential elements into your new or existing project scope.

Engagement is essential. We are passionate about creating greater meaning and ownership of a project for a community through engagement with the community within which the project is built.

We believe this is essential for authentic benefits realisation for all of our projects..

The projects may be small with a high level of cultural depth, or large and require cultural development through community engagement and memory, research history and place making.  We approach our work and innovate according to the needs of the project clients and community aspirations.  We listen deeply.

We deliver project conception, scope and development that is designed for the project to be self-sustaining in the long term and generate the desired outcome for the community.  This means financially, socially and environmentally.

We provide whole of project lifecycle services from concept development, design, construction through to implementation.  This is to ensure the continuity is kept for the benefits realisation of the community..